Born Delmar Latibeaudiere on January 1, 1986 in Spanish Town St. Catherine Jamaica. Grew up in Clark’s Town Trelawny, of three Kids, Fearless Kid is the first and only son of his mother Hazel. He discovered his music talent at age 12 while he was in primary school. After seeing a performance from one of his favorite artists Antony B, a popular Jamaican reggae artist, he then went home and tried to make a song for the very first time. The name of the song was “Silly Youth”. After writing the chorus of the song on the Buzz Riddim, he made several attempts to write the first verse then gave up because he thought he couldn’t go any further.

Four years later, his younger sister Vanessa found the paper with the song. She gave it to him, he tried to sing the song but couldn’t remember the melody. So he was just reading it over and over again, when he finally came up with the melody, right there he got motivated and was determine to complete the song. After one week the song was completed. He immediately started promoting it in his neighborhood. He got good and bad feedback from both the elders and younger ones. He didn’t focus on the negative, he embraced the positive which motivated him to create new songs.
He then started writing songs with one of his best friends, Cleon Robinson other wise known as Rocky Pow, who deceased on march 16, 2006. They made hit songs like “Aids A Go Round”,”Beat Eh Pon Dem”, just to name a few including “Older Days” which was featured on Irie Fm the number one reggae radio station in Jamaica by Dj Ron Muchette.

Fearless Kid appeared on stage for the very first time at the high school he attended (Cedric Titus High) in 2002. He entered a competition called Eisteddfod, the response from the crowd was unanimous. He felt as though he was a star . Fearless Kid graduated from high school with a diploma. Couple months later he started performing on local stage shows like Miss Clark’s Town, a yearly event that takes place in his community. He felt the urge to become the next big star from his home town (Clark’s Town Trelawny).

He then entered digicel rising star with a song called “The World Is Beautiful”. This was a Jamaican talent search competition. He failed the audition, gave it another try and failed again. He heard an advertisement on the radio, about JCDC (Jamaican Cultural Development Commission). With his pride and determination he decided to gave it a try, with no expectation, he came in 3rd place. He was proud of his success, even though he wanted was to be in first place. He tried to hold onto every opportunity that came his way. With no hesitation, he went to became a self-trained recording engineer, where he recorded three albums within the year 2005. He got a couple sales from people who knew him and wanted to support what he was doing but did not achieve his goal.

In 2007 he migrated to the United States to settle with his fiancee and step daughter, whom he both met at the Star Fish Hotel (Work place) In 2004. They got married in 2008. After being together for 6 years they got separated in January 2010. His life was like a disaster, heart got broken to pieces and many obstacles started to emerge from all different angles of life. Through the powers of The Most High (God), he gained strength to put the broken pieces back together and start his life a new.

Fearless Kid is currently working on his mix tape “Sick To Death” which will be released in June 2011. This mix tape is unique, it will take you deep into his life because he is a versatile artist. He strongly believes that after releasing this CD it will be a dynamic start to his music Career.
June 27, 2011 the CD “Sick To Death” was released in 34 major online stores, including iTunes and Amazon. Three months later Fearless Kid got his first international air play in Jamaica by GT Taylor on Irie Fm Radio. The track “Protect Me Jah” was in rotation for a while. He was also featured on Dee Dot Producers Corner and Talk To City Radio to talk about his newly released CD.
In November, he did his first official music video from one of his hit tracks “Flip Money” ft. Polow Dude. This video became a hit on YouTube blowing up with over 55,000 views in less than 2 months. Fearless Kid is currently working on his second music video “Sick To Death” to be released soon.
First attempt for Sick To Death video shoot was a failure. Second attempt, a success. August 16, 2012 Sick To Death was released to the fans who were all anticipating on seeing his true story. This video has touched the soul of many people. Some of them were inspired, upset, angry and even happy that he was able to show the world that, you should never let anything come in your way of chasing your dreams. Just keep pushing!
Fearless Kid in one word, "DETERMINE". December 26, 2012 he made his way to the greatest one night show on earth Reggae Sting 2012. The big opportunity that he has been waiting for finally came through. Sting is a yearly event that takes place at Jamworld Portmore St. Catherine Jamaica, that features the biggest names in Reggae and Dancehall. Names like Bounty Killer, Sizzla, Busy Signal, Popcaan, Mavado, Aidonia, Etana and the list goes on. 
Fearless Kid is getting heavy  rotation on the radio stations all around the globe. He created his own radio station (Fearless Kid Radio) where he stays in contact with all his fans and give them exclusive releases. For 2013 expect nothing but great things from him.
2013 was a great start for Fearless Kid. He started discovering new talents and skills that were hiding inside of him. He didn't know that he could produce his own beats. February 27, 2013 he produced and published his first riddim called "Nuh Tek Chat", with a hardcore dancehall track on it "Dem Nuh Bad Like We". Over 25 beats were produced by him including, "Real Love", which little did he know that this riddim was going to make a big impact on his career.
July 8, 2013 He released a brand new single along with the official video "Don't Worry Girl" on the "Real Love" riddim. Surprisingly within one month the video hit over 1/2 million views on YouTube, but was removed by YouTube due to copyright infringement issues. The issue was solved and the video was offered to be re-uploaded. This track/video has opened up many doors for him. It's one of his most popular tracks on iTunes. He was offered an exclusive radio interview on WAIF 88.3 FM Cincinnati on July 14, 2013 to talk about his new smash single and the inspirations behind it. This track is getting heavy rotation worldwide and capturing a lot of attention.
October 7, 2013 he released another new smash single "Need My Baby" on the "Mid-Night" Riddim. Produced, written, recorded and mixed by him. On that same day another single was released by Polow Dude featuring Fearless Kid "Hope My Life Change". October 13, 2013 Fearless Kid took both tracks to 88.3 FM Cincinnati to get their first radio air play. Both tracks are getting good feedback. The official video will be dropping soon for "Hope My Life Change".

October 21, 2013 another single was released "Strip Clubs", on the "Grind Time" Riddim also produced, written, recorded and mixed by him, available now in stores. Click here to listen Strip Clubs. This single is one of Fearless Kid's most controversial tracks. The world knows him as Jamaica's Most Versatile Artiste as he mentioned in his Sick To Death album interview on Talk To City Radio back in 2011. "Fearless Kid is a very unpredictable Artiste, you can always expect the unexpected from me." said Fearless Kid. So said, so done! this track tells it all. Fearless Kid got another exclusive radio interview coming up in November on Irie Fm Radio Jamaica. Keep checking on the Events page for the official date.