"Out of many one people" was born Delmar Latibeaudiere, and out of Adversity and Perseverance Fearless Kid came to life.


Born in Spanish Town, St.Catherine and raised in Clark's Town Trelawny Jamaica, Delmar musical gift just as with any true artist was discovered early in his life. From the age of 12 years old, he discovered the joy that music not only brought to his soul, but also touched those around him. It is after seeing a performance from one of his favorite artists, that he put pen to paper and the rest has they say, his HIS-story.


Honing his craft by writing various themed lyrics, school performances, local and national talent shows and a coveted 3rd place position at the JCDC (Jamaican Cultural Development Commission), the feedback and support from the community, friends and new found fans gave the validation that music was indeed his destiny. Adopting the "Fearless Kid" moniker bestowed on him by a community's elder, it is through trials and tribulations that Fearless Kid and his best friend Rocky Pow co-wrote and garnered their first hit single which received nationwide airplay on the island's top radio station.


Leaving Jamaica, moving to a new country and facing personal adversities, Fearless Kid found refuge for his solitude in music, and in his continued pursuit of musical perfection, he started to produce, and excelled at it. Not to be boxed in one genre, his music stems from all facets originating from Jamaica with the influences of reggae; Anthony B, dancehall; Bounty Killer; Lovers Rock from Sanchez and the urban sounds of America with R&B and Hip Hop. Fusing powerful lyrics, social commentaries and life's reflections, Fearless Kid has steadily built an impressive discography, and achieved to date many recognition such as performing on major stages and international airplay.


"I want to be remembered as a very humble individual who never quit, very positive and a firm believer of never giving up on any dreams or aspirations, don't matter what obstacles may come my way. Also a man that fears God only" - Fearless Kid